Monday, March 16


Our soup today is Black Bean and Bacon topped with a dollop of sour cream. Our special is the Lukester-a cheeseburger topped with Kunzler bacon and fresh fried egg. You choose additional toppings. $5.29

Thursday, March 12


Our soup today is Italian Wedding with meatballs. We are featuring one of our old classics that has been forgotten since we have so much more to offer in the new location. Quiche Lorraine- bacon and spinach quiche warm and fresh from the oven for only $3.59. Pair it with …

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Wednesday, March 11

black beans

Our soup today is potato and bacon with cheese. Our special is black beans chocked full of garlic, home-made salsa, red onion, fresh baby spinach and tomatoes served over rice and topped with sour cream and cheese. $4.29

Wednesday, March 4

pizza panini

Our soup today is Potato and Bacon. Our special is a Pizza Panini- a panini filled with pepperoni, ham, pesto (contains nuts), provolone cheese and tomato $5.99. Also, we are featuring the original Winchester Chicken sandwich with pickles $3.59. It has been quite a hit! Pick it up in the …

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